What to Look for In Beach Rentals

When on vacation, many seek out beach front rentals to make the most of their summer days off. Yet nobody can enjoy the quiet beaches in North Carolina if they aren’t fully satisfied with their accommodations. How can you decide which rental is best for you and those you’re traveling with?

Home Away from Home

Your beach rental should make you feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. It should essentially feel like a home away from home – because that is exactly what it is! What makes a rental feel this way is unique to each person, so use your best judgement.


The type of amenities you want may vary, with some preferring more than others. In general, however, you should ensure your rental includes at least the bare minimum for convenience. This includes a small fridge, microwave, wi-fi, and housekeeping services. Others may wish to find a rental that offers more than the bare bones amenities. Typical additional amenities you may want in your rental include a pool, full kitchenette, laundering services, turn down service, cable, pay per view movies, etc.

Good Reviews

The internet has given us access to a lot of information, and not using those details to make informed decisions would just be silly. Before booking any beach rentals, check online reviews to see what people are saying. Remember that you are looking for what the majority says. A great rental may have a few bad reviews, while a terrible one may have a few good.

quiet beaches in North Carolina


A beach rental will undoubtedly have foot traffic nearby. To enjoy your stay, however, you will want to find a rental that offers a modicum of privacy. This could be achieved by having a private part of the beach for residents, or even just a fence that sections the rental off from the majority of crowds.