Outdoor, Overland Adventure Dreams That Can Come True

If you are one of those who can afford to take at least one annual vacation a year, then consider yourself to be quite privileged. Because there are many more hardworking folks out there, having to work much longer hours than you in order to make ends meet, that may never see the inside of a plane, train or bus. But these annual vacations of yours, well aren’t they a bit humdrum at this point. Surely going to the same congested spots every year must be boring you stiff by now.

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And yet. Maybe you have had those dreams before. Maybe you have dreamed of going on those magnificent outdoor or overland trips without ever realizing that it was possible. Yes, you are quite right, it is quite an expedition, even at the best of times. Many of you simply do not have the time and resources to plan ahead for such an adventure, and then go off into the hills if you will. Those of you who remain steadfast in your dreams, make a note in your diary so long.

Note to your diary that there is an overland trip planner waiting to be of service to you. You can be gone with the wind in next to no time. And why wait until your next annual vacation when you can spend time out in the country or with nature every other weekend. The trip planner could be in your neck of the woods. If not, he can help you plan ahead for a longer expedition which is not nearly as impossible as it may have seemed from your recent dreams.

Dreams always come true. Travel still broadens the mind. But what more can spending time with nature and doing things extreme achieve for you.

Expedition Tours Uncover History

There is the history you learn about in school and there is real history at the source. Remember how your elementary and high school history teachers used to take the class to see historic sites? Hopefully this habit has continued into adulthood. If you can recall, visiting history centers and seeing famous sites really did bring the education to life in many ways.

As you think about how the United States really came to be what it is, there are major migration events which have created the land we know today and the states comprising it. One of these events was the migration of the Oregon Trail. This was, for many, the road to freedom and opportunities but it became a challenged, dangerous, disease-ridden path to travel and many lost their lives or limbs along the way.

This is one side or one view of this lengthy historic event. On the other hand, to actually view some of the places of note to this bit of history is a good idea. Then you may see the positive side to that long trek across the country. Use services such as lewis and clark tours along with other touring stations in the areas of interest to you. Understand that you will get the best guidance possible with excellent service.

Other changes across the expanse of the continent are all marked by intense historic events. When you go to visit these places, learn more and actually gain a feel for the history while you are there. Connect with it and understand why it is so important to touch base.

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Especially when it comes to the more tragic times in history, we remember and learn again why not to repeat it. This kind of insight is simple to get and you don’t have to be more than just yourself.

Plan a Vacation to St. Augustine, Florida This Summer

This summer, visit the Florida coast and St. Augustine, one of the state’s most fantastic tourist destinations. There is never a dull moment when you are amidst the beautiful coastal waters, luxury golf courses, lush sand, and the dreamy scenery that St. Augustine offers.

St. Augustine brings plenty of history to modern life.  While you are in town, you will discover many historical buildings and architecture of yesterday. The city was founded in 1565 and is one of the oldest in the state. Bring your camera and prepare to snap plenty of shots during the trip.

As far as lodging is concerned, you have your usual choices in the area like anywhere else. However, many people choose to stay at a st augustine bed and breakfast because it is cozier, more affordable, and usually cheaper than a hotel. It provides a home away from home environment and feeling that keeps you feeling great as you live it up in St. Augustine.

The scenery alone will capture your heart and help you experience the greatness of the city to full capacity. However, there is no shortage of fun things to do to entertain your time, either. Plan an itinerary filled with plenty of activities. You do not want to miss out on a thing. Some of the top attractions in the area include:

·    The Lightner Museum

·    World Golf Hall of Fame

·    The Oldest Store Museum

·    St. George Street

·    St. Augustine Aquarium

·    St. Augustine Outlets

st augustine bed and breakfast

There is so much to see and do while in St. Augustine. There is no doubt this is one vacation that will go down as one of the best times of your life. What are you waiting for? It is time to head out to St. Augustine and live life to the fullest.