Outdoor, Overland Adventure Dreams That Can Come True

If you are one of those who can afford to take at least one annual vacation a year, then consider yourself to be quite privileged. Because there are many more hardworking folks out there, having to work much longer hours than you in order to make ends meet, that may never see the inside of a plane, train or bus. But these annual vacations of yours, well aren’t they a bit humdrum at this point. Surely going to the same congested spots every year must be boring you stiff by now.

overland trip planner

And yet. Maybe you have had those dreams before. Maybe you have dreamed of going on those magnificent outdoor or overland trips without ever realizing that it was possible. Yes, you are quite right, it is quite an expedition, even at the best of times. Many of you simply do not have the time and resources to plan ahead for such an adventure, and then go off into the hills if you will. Those of you who remain steadfast in your dreams, make a note in your diary so long.

Note to your diary that there is an overland trip planner waiting to be of service to you. You can be gone with the wind in next to no time. And why wait until your next annual vacation when you can spend time out in the country or with nature every other weekend. The trip planner could be in your neck of the woods. If not, he can help you plan ahead for a longer expedition which is not nearly as impossible as it may have seemed from your recent dreams.

Dreams always come true. Travel still broadens the mind. But what more can spending time with nature and doing things extreme achieve for you.

Expedition Tours Uncover History

There is the history you learn about in school and there is real history at the source. Remember how your elementary and high school history teachers used to take the class to see historic sites? Hopefully this habit has continued into adulthood. If you can recall, visiting history centers and seeing famous sites really did bring the education to life in many ways.

As you think about how the United States really came to be what it is, there are major migration events which have created the land we know today and the states comprising it. One of these events was the migration of the Oregon Trail. This was, for many, the road to freedom and opportunities but it became a challenged, dangerous, disease-ridden path to travel and many lost their lives or limbs along the way.

This is one side or one view of this lengthy historic event. On the other hand, to actually view some of the places of note to this bit of history is a good idea. Then you may see the positive side to that long trek across the country. Use services such as lewis and clark tours along with other touring stations in the areas of interest to you. Understand that you will get the best guidance possible with excellent service.

Other changes across the expanse of the continent are all marked by intense historic events. When you go to visit these places, learn more and actually gain a feel for the history while you are there. Connect with it and understand why it is so important to touch base.

lewis and clark tours

Especially when it comes to the more tragic times in history, we remember and learn again why not to repeat it. This kind of insight is simple to get and you don’t have to be more than just yourself.

Plan a Vacation to St. Augustine, Florida This Summer

This summer, visit the Florida coast and St. Augustine, one of the state’s most fantastic tourist destinations. There is never a dull moment when you are amidst the beautiful coastal waters, luxury golf courses, lush sand, and the dreamy scenery that St. Augustine offers.

St. Augustine brings plenty of history to modern life.  While you are in town, you will discover many historical buildings and architecture of yesterday. The city was founded in 1565 and is one of the oldest in the state. Bring your camera and prepare to snap plenty of shots during the trip.

As far as lodging is concerned, you have your usual choices in the area like anywhere else. However, many people choose to stay at a st augustine bed and breakfast because it is cozier, more affordable, and usually cheaper than a hotel. It provides a home away from home environment and feeling that keeps you feeling great as you live it up in St. Augustine.

The scenery alone will capture your heart and help you experience the greatness of the city to full capacity. However, there is no shortage of fun things to do to entertain your time, either. Plan an itinerary filled with plenty of activities. You do not want to miss out on a thing. Some of the top attractions in the area include:

·    The Lightner Museum

·    World Golf Hall of Fame

·    The Oldest Store Museum

·    St. George Street

·    St. Augustine Aquarium

·    St. Augustine Outlets

st augustine bed and breakfast

There is so much to see and do while in St. Augustine. There is no doubt this is one vacation that will go down as one of the best times of your life. What are you waiting for? It is time to head out to St. Augustine and live life to the fullest.

What to Look for In Beach Rentals

When on vacation, many seek out beach front rentals to make the most of their summer days off. Yet nobody can enjoy the quiet beaches in North Carolina if they aren’t fully satisfied with their accommodations. How can you decide which rental is best for you and those you’re traveling with?

Home Away from Home

Your beach rental should make you feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. It should essentially feel like a home away from home – because that is exactly what it is! What makes a rental feel this way is unique to each person, so use your best judgement.


The type of amenities you want may vary, with some preferring more than others. In general, however, you should ensure your rental includes at least the bare minimum for convenience. This includes a small fridge, microwave, wi-fi, and housekeeping services. Others may wish to find a rental that offers more than the bare bones amenities. Typical additional amenities you may want in your rental include a pool, full kitchenette, laundering services, turn down service, cable, pay per view movies, etc.

Good Reviews

The internet has given us access to a lot of information, and not using those details to make informed decisions would just be silly. Before booking any beach rentals, check online reviews to see what people are saying. Remember that you are looking for what the majority says. A great rental may have a few bad reviews, while a terrible one may have a few good.

quiet beaches in North Carolina


A beach rental will undoubtedly have foot traffic nearby. To enjoy your stay, however, you will want to find a rental that offers a modicum of privacy. This could be achieved by having a private part of the beach for residents, or even just a fence that sections the rental off from the majority of crowds.

7 Reasons to Hire Professional Airport Transportation

When you arrive at the airport, you’re tired and ready to put down your luggage and relax for a while. Waiting around on a taxi or public transportation is a nightmare and the costs of renting a car from the airport are ridiculous. Rather than endure these headaches, you can call american transportation and get the right airport transportation to suit your needs. Why hire a professional transportation service?

american transportation

1- Airport transportation service is waiting for your arrival when you get off of the airplane so there is no waiting around. You’ll feel like a star when personal transportation is waiting there for you!

2- Cost of professional transportation service varies, but is always within reason of most any budget. With so many benefits, it is well-worth every single penny. Just request estimates to find the best rates for service.

3- You’ll get where you are going much quicker when there is a professional transportation service waiting for you. There are things to do and sitting around at the airport isn’t on the list. Isn’t that what is most important?

4- Using professional transportation services makes you feel like a star. Everyone needs a day when all eyes are on them. Now is your day to shine.

5- Renting transportation services is simple and easy. Even if it is your first time using the services, booking is a simple, pain-free process.

6- Several types of transportation can take you where you need to go. It is nice to have a versatile selection of options available to you.

7- You won’t get lost when professionals are driving you around. They’re familiar with the area and reduce worries of getting lost or other turmoil occurring. When you’re in a new place, getting lost can happen easily.

Going On A Business Trip

Whether you have been on more business trips than you can count or you’re a fresh-faced first timer, there may be tricks and packages to take advantage of that you may not be aware of. The term “business trip” seems almost oxymoronic; the “trip” aspect doesn’t need to be as stressful as the “business” end of things. Here are some tips that will make your next business trip less business and more relaxing.

Travel –

The best way to travel for business, as long as it’s a good distance from where you currently are, is in an airplane. To ensure that you’re on time or as early as you require, air travel is the fastest way to get you where you need to be. Business airlines are most often more cost effective than a commercial airline, and a NYC travel management company will offer package deals and discounts to people on business as well as providing a more professional atmosphere. Try to plan your trip and organize a planner so that you can be as time-effective as possible.

Lodging –

While the company is most likely paying for your trip, it is still important to know what locations you can stay in that will offer the most convenience to you throughout business conduction.

Packing –

Packing a limited amount of luggage will make your travel significantly less cumbersome. Typically, limiting your baggage to just a simple carry-on will save you the most time at the airport and in between meetings. Be sure to pack nice clothes in an organized way that won’t leave everything wrinkly and in disarray.

NYC travel management company

The next business trip you take will be a breeze if you follow this guide. It might even leave you with some extra time to relax and enjoy what the area has to offer.

Get Away, in Style and Luxury

Every once in a while, we all need a place and time to unwind and relax. Although common destinations can be beaches and exotic places out of the country, there are places within the United States where one can enjoy some well-deserved time off. For example, there are resorts in Palm Springs, California where one can enjoy the finer things in life. With serene environments and natural views, such resorts are a fine place to get away to.

resorts in Palm Springs

Among the selections are Miramonte Resort and Spa and the Hyatt Regency Indian Resorts & Spa. Both locations are packed with luxurious amenities that give visitors pleasant views and ample time to feel like the time away is truly worth it. The views are unrivaled and the sour round mountain ranges add to the ambience of exclusivity, a protected area away from the hustle and bustle of the cities over the mountains and beyond.

Other activities that can be enjoyed include golf. With wide open fields within the perimeter of the resort property, a few rounds of golf out in the fresh air are sure to be an enjoying experience since it can’t compare to local golfing fields where space can be limited. The exclusive nature of the area and the upscale service all contribute to a memorable moment of leisure.

Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa and the Indian Resorts Hotel are other popular destinations where one can enjoy a tailored treatment away from the daily work routines. Fine dining is served courtesy of the Vue Grille & Bar where customers are offered a wide selection of cocktails, wines, and craft beers. Taking in the views of the surrounding mountains and golf courses are sure to make one extend their stay since they provide a perfect escape away from cities.

A Guide To Camping Trips

A camping trip is a perfect way to spend a weekend or some time off with friends and family. A relaxing stay in the woods can do a lot of good for you if you’ve been exceptionally stressed lately or just needed a quick getaway. Camping is a much cheaper alternative to a full blown vacation with relatively less things to spend money on. Here’s how to get your camping trip underway the right way.

Beavers Bend cabins

Lodging –

Although most people think of tents when they hear “camping”, there are more comfortable ways to spend a couple of days in the woods, especially if you have a large group. Most established parks, state or national, offer cabins to rent such as Beavers Bend cabins. A cabin is useful for large parties or people who just want a larger area to stay in during their stay. Cabins offer a more comfortable camping trip that isn’t hard on your wallet.

Tents –

If you do decide to stay in a tent, there are some additional supplies that you will need to have handy. Aside from the actual tent, you must bring poles, stakes, a mallet, ropes, and tarps in case it rains.

Supplies –

Obviously, you’re going to need something to sleep in. Bring sleeping bags and some sleeping pads to put under the sleeping bag in case you’re on gravel or the ground is uncomfortably harsh or cold. Also be sure to bring things to cook with, whether you brought food or plan on catching your dinner. Bags are also important for any miscellaneous supplies or tools. 

If you have all of the basic essentials, there’s not much that can go wrong on your camping excursion. Camp smart! There are a ton of easily avoidable mistakes that can be made if you’re not careful.